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Foods to Strengthen Immune System


Why do people need strong immune system? Well, people do not want to suffer from sickness often and for this purpose, it is better for them to strengthen immune system as out body defense from the health problem. People can find huge problem in daily life when they have certain health problem. They cannot work and they cannot enjoy their life. That is why people need to find the way for strengthening their immune system. In this circumstance, they need to eat the foods which are useful for making their immune system stronger.
  • Food for Good Bacteria

When people are talking about immune system, actually it is not only about the white blood cells. In fact, the immune system mostly associated to the GI tract because it is the place of good bacteria n the body. The good bacteria surely have good benefits for human being because it can fight off various kinds of bad things from the food we eat. However, if people want to increase their immune system, they need to feed those bacteria with the right food. It means that people should consume the whole foods which come with high content of fiber and nutrients. The bacteria do not love the sugars, fats, as well as processed foods. People really have to keep the balance diet if they want to keep their immune system strong.

  • Prebiotics and Probiotics

Immune system surely has strong relation to the prebiotics and probiotics. What is prebiotics? It is kind of semi digestible fiber form and it will be useful for nourishing the good bacteria in the body. People should get at least 2-3 servings of foods which are rich in prebiotics every day. Some vegetables will be good prebiotic source such as onion, leek, artichoke, garlic, and asparagus. As for the carbohydrate source, people should choose yams, potato, wheat, rye, quinoa, oat, bean, and barley. There are some foods which can be great source of prebiotics including kiwifruit, citrus fruit, berry, banana, and apple. Good source of fat can be found from chia seeds and flaxseeds. Taking additional prebiotic supplement can also be considered. Probiotics are the good bacteria which are useful for helping people stay healthy and recover faster when they get sick. Good source of probiotics can be found from dairy product including kefir, cheese, and yogurt which comes with active cultures within. Fermented foods can also be a great source of probiotics for strengthening immune system.

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