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Healthy Life for A Woman


Everyone is looking forward healthier life including women. But some people find the journey is too hard to begin with so they already giving up before making the start. Actually, living a healthier life is much easier than unhealthy life. It also promises a happier life because we can get a chance to live our lives to the fullest each and every day. Follow these simple tips for healthier life for a woman.

Follow Heart-Healthy Diet
If your heart is healthy then so is your whole body. With the right way of living, you will be able to keep away the risks of stroke and heart disease. What should you do for healthier heart? Check out the list:
1.   Eat more vegetables and fruits
2.   Choose lean proteins like legumes, beans, fish and poultry
3.  Choose whole grains. For instance, choose the brown or red rice instead of white. And, choose the whole wheat pasta
4.   Cut down on saturated fat, salt, sugar and processed foods

It is not necessary to follow the strict diet if you cannot actually go on with it. Instead, choose what’s best for you as long as it is healthy and is making your life better. For instance, don’t throw away all the sinful dishes you usually like to have such as ice cream, key lime pie or doughnuts. Keep putting the food in the list of your meal but reduce the amount you eat. This way, you can happily live your healthy lifestyle.

Exercise Every Day
All doctors agree exercise is what to keep a person healthy. So, when you become more active, you will be better. What exercise does is to boost the heart health, ward off the health problems, build bone strength and muscle. Total, at least a person should exercise for 3 hours a week. So, 30 minutes of exercise every day is enough. Combine the type of exercises like dancing, aerobic, swimming, running, training or playing tennis. Aim for the most favorite exercise.

Lose Weight
Lose weight is not only for those who have obesity of excess of tens or hundreds of pounds but it is also for those who have excess fat on the belly or other parts of the body. Losing weight is actually not solely about beauty but health. With ideal weight, you have successfully gotten rid of high risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. It also prevents the bones and joints from working too hard. 

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