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How Water Keeps You Alive and Healthy


The fact that many people know yet still choose to deny is that everyone’s body consists of up to 60% of water. It means water is used by every part inside the body including by the tiniest parts like cells and tissues. Water’s main function is to maintain the bodily function and regulate the temperature inside the body. Every day, our body loses water through digestion, sweating and even breathing. So, it is very important to make hydrate the body by drinking enough water and also eating foods containing water like vegetables and fruits. Basically, the amount of water one should drink every day may vary depending on the climate, how active the person is and other health problems.

Water Aids in Digestion
In human bodies, the digestion always starts with saliva. Meanwhile, saliva itself has water as its basis. In the saliva, there are enzymes that work to break down liquid and food while dissolving nutrients and minerals. When the body has proper digestion, it will have easier access to absorb nutrients and minerals. Moreover, water is also essential for the body so it can digest soluble fiber. Thanks to water that fiber can easily dissolve and benefit the bowel healthy because of the soft stools.

Water Removes Body Waste
Here is an essential function of water. It enables the body to remove waste through defecation, urination and perspiration. All the organs inside the belly like intestines, liver and kidneys use water every day. And, it is also important to keep you away from constipation as it works to soften the stools and moves the food through intestinal tract. Drink enough water and eat enough fruits and vegetables will definitely prevent constipation.

Water Protects Joints, Spinal Cord and Tissues
You may not know that water actually is the major thing that protects your tissues, spinal cord and joints. Water is not merely regulating the body’s temperature. Tissues need water to keep itself moist. And, water also does very important job to protect the spinal cord and works as cushion and lubricant for the joints.

It is always important to stay hydrated especially if you are considered physically active. When a body suffers from dehydration, it may develop symptoms of illness like fever, diarrhea and vomiting. So, increasing the fluid intake every day is necessary to restore the level of body’s natural hydration. It gets even more important for person who suffers from urinary tract stones and bladder infections. 

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