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How to easily Dip and Tips for beginners – Swimming is a very rewarding hobby and nourish in our lives. As we know that sport this one could make our agency to be healthy, relaxed and also does little to mention that swimming can also increase height. For adept at swimming, we must learn how to swim that is easy for the novice in the writings of this time so that we can overcome our own limbs in order not to sink. Here are some steps for those of you who want to learn how to easily dip and tips for beginners.

How to swim for beginners

Basic Techniques Of Swimming For Beginners

The Introduction Of Water
Before we started studying the various styles of swimming, we should first understand the various forms of introduction of water. This is so in need, especially for those who are a little afraid or less boldly enter into water, or also for children aged under 10 years old. From the length of experience, it has been proven that the way these turned out to be helpful for those who want to learn various styles of swimming for the match in order to better master the range of motion. When the introduction of water, can do 3 important things here:

  • Respiratory
  • Glide
  • Float

The third of the above granted on anyone who wants to learn to swim. The following details one by one.


For those unfamiliar, to breathe in the air above the surface of the water and after that enter into the surface of the water and dispose of air through the mouth and nose are indeed proved not easy. Especially our habits in daily life also greatly affect it. But we can do exercises regularly, in the time not long before this can be controlled with either.

swim tips

Some form of respiratory exercises can be done as follows:

Before getting into the water, try on the ground in advance and train the rhythm by taking the breath through the mouth and expelled through the nose, to the rhythm of this kind can be used to do automatically.

Then after that we can do the above, try the way in doing in a shallow pond or pool that could allow someone to be able to stand. Take the air through your mouth then close your mouth and after that input part advance you to the surface of the water, after a while, slowly cast the air through the nose. Do it repeatedly and if possible until you reach the 50-100 times the number of repeats, because with that much on the expected later his gestures you can do automatically and also familiar.

For those who find it difficult to take the air through the mouth and throw it through the nose, for a while can be carried out with the help of nose first. However the way this one if you've mastered the rhythm of respiration, preferably left, because that way often leads us to suck air through the nose.

Respiratory exercises like this could be enhanced by way of lengthening the time as part of your face is under the surface of the water, after a distance of time mentioned above can be reached, proceed with removing the breath slowly before you ride over the surface of the water. For example saatdi below water You required counting to count to 10, then throw the breath and followed up on the surface of the water to be able to take the air again.

The same way that can be done by using the Board exercise, i.e. with an attitude bent and both feet fixed with attitude runs at the base of the pool, then both hands you hold plank exercise on both ends. Do these ways while walking or silent place.

Tips learn to swim the next stage once you have mastered how to breathe is a practice slide. This exercise is very in need in order to be able to train your body balance in the water. Not a few people who learn to swim, because it cannot be controlled the balance of his body, he was easily sunk and also unable to stand in a pool, even though the pool is shallow.

Gliding exercises workable techniques as follows:

Stand above or at the poolside with the backs to the wall and part one of your legs or telapaknya stick to the wall like to be ready to resist. Align both arms above Your head with the thumb which is interrelated with each other. Tundukan your body by trying so that the fingertips first arrived on the surface of the water and simultaneously with the arrival of both your hands above the water surface, your feet are stuck to the walls pushing so that your body is pushed to the front.

How to learn to swim

When glide walking, avoid the attitude of taking the stand before the luncurnya point so declined and then so stop, and consequently the legs automatically so it down so that you can stand. If as you glide at high speed then dropped suddenly to be able to stand, precisely that many happen is unable to stand.

The same way that can be done by sliding the middle part of the shallow ponds. After glide began to run out, then stand back and do it over and over again to be carrying the body pulled over.

Exercise slide like this could be developed to both your feet are able to stick to the walls of the pool, and an attitude like this can only be done if you are before the first zooming in to the bottom surface of the water face-down, with the attitude to both of your feet allows to be able to resist. Exercises such as this can be done over and over again so that it is able to relax and be able to avoid a sense of taut, caused frequent body play.

This is not actually a floating position can only be done with a single attitude alone, but can be many positions that can be done so that the body can be floating on the surface of the water.

This attitude is in principle could be easily done, upon an embodiment of the relocation of the centre point of weight or Centra of Gravty and also the center point buoyant or Centra of Buoyancy when floating body. Be it on land or in the air, one could reverse or can rotate with the central point of weight. In the water, however the chest is a floating point.

the easy way to learn to swim

The center point of a person's body weight when in the attitude on his back horizontally was with both hands remain on the side of the body, this is the whole point of the center of weight in your hips. Since the body segment weight has the distinction, then the distance from the center point of each segment weighs on the Agency's role to determine definitively the location or the location where the central point of weight.

If someone is on attitude lie horizontally, then the point of severity likely to move at the top of the body segments and individually pull towards bottom. Water buoyancy will push on each horizontal segment, if the specific gravity of the points then every part is less than 1.0.

Some of the segments of the body might be more floating than other parts. As hands which is a segment that is easy for a floating, another case with the foot that is part of a heavier body structure and not easy to floating especially with buoyancy in the water can be directed directly on the chest or also called floating point to the center of the body. The air in the lungs can be used for the chest area. So the structure of muscles in general became a part of the light from your body and chest as a result will likely be floating to the top.

The lack of motion floating can happen only when the center of buoyancy in straightening point directly above the center point of the body weight. The average person can form two, i.e. when the straightening in a position that is somewhat parallel to the top surface of the water. The average person has a lot of weight on the location of the body. At this position in the water, the average person has the location of the body weight on the part of the thigh, leg, head and shoulder.

Power point weight pull the thigh becomes the center point of the weight and also walk toward the bottom. While the strength of the buoyancy of water movement when pressing towards the upper part of the chest which is the center point buoyant. This is the opposite of the forces that cause so the body can act like people walking by maintaining the balance of his body so that does not drop, the body will begin to rotate toward the front of the thigh and leg also when moving towards the bottom. If the central point of weight on pelvic bone cavity may spin up under the center point buoyant on the chest, then someone will be able to float while not moving. If you're still confused, follows engineering train floats on the water:

Float Terlentang

Float or floats there are 2 types, i.e. floating and floating terlentang way with a straight vertical way. Floating in terlentang done by drag the bodies into the back of the broken up submerged in the water. Renggangkan Your hands and shape right. Keep your wrists straight and also relax. Press Your palms together or taking turns down so that your body remains hovering at the surface of the water. For the movement of the legs, shape like the letter "V" with the same movements like hand movements.

Floating Upright Or Vertical

Floating with the upright or vertical is most often used. I.e. moves the body with a perpendicular position below the surface of the water and the head remains above the surface of the water is limited to the Chin. For the movement of the hands and feet, also digerakan for balance so that the body can still floated on the surface of the water. For the movement of his hand almost the same with motion terlentang of floating time, i.e. by way of stretching both hands to form the elbow-elbow, keeping your wrist straight and also relax.

easy tips for a swim

Kayuhkan your hands vertically simultaneously or alternately. While the way the foot is mengggerakan give a distance between the two thrust your legs and using the sole of the foot down alternately. Do exercises like this in a pond somewhat within or on the edge of the pool with the use of iron as a handle for Your safety. Such exercise can add balance and also your courage to go to the next stage.

That's some step for people who want an easy way and swim tips for beginners. Do with consistent and gradual and don't be lazy, in a time not too long you'll be an expert swimmer.


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